Nov 232011

Whenever you’re running your Linux own server on the internet, you will most probably require console access. The best idea is using SSH. This is usually on port 22. After leaving your server alone for a couple of days, you will notice that /var/log/messages fills up with incorrect logon attemps. This shouldn’t be an issue if you follow the rules:

  • do not allow root acces
  • use certificate authentication
  • alternatively use a very very strong password

But still, it’s annoying and clogs the log. Therefore I changed the port to something non standard. Even though this is not really securing the server agains dedicated hacking attemps but it will at least keep many automated scanners away and they will leave you alone.

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Nov 182011

Recently we migrated a couple of old servers to a new one. We used to have many old ones for requirements of customers. Since the have switched to new software, we we able to finally upgrade to new hardware. This introduced a new version of Plesk.

Plesk is an easy way of hosting websites without having to do much manually. I know this is something that „real“ admins will hate me for but hey, it’s easy and it works. As I don’t like changes too much, I didn’t like the new Plesk at all. I got used to it by now.

Accidentally I noticed some new header in the server responses which I didn’t like. On each request Plesk automatically added a new header to the response.

X-Powered-By: PleskLin

This is quite annoying in my opinion. I had to find out how to remove it.
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