Okt 132012

Even though it’s old, I still like it. The only thing that bothers me about Windows 2003 Server is that annoying shut down event tracking. There are multiple articles about how to use the group policy editor in order to turn it off. In some installations this is not an option as the system folder in the administrative templates is not available.

You can still turn it off via a registry entry. You simply add a new DWORD entry here: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SOFTWARE\\Policies\\Microsoft\\Windows NT\\Reliability

With the new DWORD value: ShutdownReasonOn (0 = disable; 1 = enable)

Apr 232012


You want to have a secure connection from your handset to the internet, even when surfing while using an unsecure wireless connection or an untrusted network? This can be done quite easily in case you meet the following preconditions:

  • Your handset is running Android 2.1 or higher
  • It is rooted
  • You own a router that is running an OpenSSH server (this article is using DD-WRT)
  • You have some dynamic IP service to connect to your home router (e. g.

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Apr 182012


Setting up a track in NetWeaver 7.0 is well documented. You can find it in in Service Marketplace at the CRM installation guides. It is a different story for NetWeaver 7.3. As support for NW 7 is running out, it might be a good idea to set up new projects in a NW 7.3 environment. Therefore we will go through a setup of a track in NW 7.3 and how to connect the track to a run-time system. In this case we will just the NWDI as run-time system. This is not recommended in a live environment. But hey, it’s a sandbox to play with. This tutorial is for people with experience with SAP software and especially the WebChannel application. We will only go through the ERP part. CRM is working accordingly, you just need more SCAs. Please keep this in mind.

(Updated 04.05.2012)
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Feb 142012

The Problem

You have a brand new laptop or wifi card. The little LED that indicates the wifi status behaves differently from what you expect. Either you want it to flash when it’s transmitting data or you dislike the flashing and want it to just light up and stay on. Read on to see what you can do.

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Jan 262012

The Problem

Backups are important. There is no doubt about this. If you have ever los data due to a harddisk failure or malware, you will most probably agree. But where should you store you backups? I used to have two strategies.

  • I have two identical HDD’s. One for working with, one just for backups
  • The media server (this one) below my TV set also has a copy of the backup but not as current

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Dez 242011

First of all, I love Android. It’s open, most Applications are free and it’s easy to use. Also it has a wide range of models.

One of my favorite apps is „LBE Privacy Guard“. This app allows you to control „who can do what“. Currently version 2 is the most current one. You can deny access to you location, call logs, etc. For instance: Shazam requires you to agree sending your location. Why? I don’t understand the need for that. This way I just deny the access and it’s blocked. Shazam will just see some fake data and is happy. Also, I want to use the Facebook application but I really don’t want Facebook to see my address book. That’s what they do, they scan your address book. This way I can just block it and Facebook doesn’t see anything but is still happy.

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Nov 272011
Empty application


When writing an application you should consider localizing it. Especially when planning to roll it out in different coutries. The Blackberry OS supports this as a built in feature. You just have to use it. When localizing my first application it gave me a hard time since the Java IDE does some dark magic that I did not expect. Therefore I want to describe what I did and how it works.

At the end of the guide you will also get the chance to download the demo projects. This may give you the ability to play around a bit.

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Nov 232011

Whenever you’re running your Linux own server on the internet, you will most probably require console access. The best idea is using SSH. This is usually on port 22. After leaving your server alone for a couple of days, you will notice that /var/log/messages fills up with incorrect logon attemps. This shouldn’t be an issue if you follow the rules:

  • do not allow root acces
  • use certificate authentication
  • alternatively use a very very strong password

But still, it’s annoying and clogs the log. Therefore I changed the port to something non standard. Even though this is not really securing the server agains dedicated hacking attemps but it will at least keep many automated scanners away and they will leave you alone.

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Nov 192011

Firefox offers a great way of syncing all your bookmarks, forms, password and even your surfing history with other computers. This is great if you are used to storing your bookmarks at work or at home and use them vice versa.

The Mozilla organization offers a sync server which is free of charge. The downside is, that they hold all your information, maybe even passwords. Of course the way the data is saved, there should be no way of getting hold of your information. But still, the weird feeling remains. Mozilla Org offers to download and run the whole software on your own systems but it’s large and hard to maintain. Even harder to get it working. There is also a Weave Minimal Server which you can run on your own server and connect to it. It’s much simpler and there are plenty of instructions out there how to install and run it.

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