Mai 032020


Hardwarewise you only need your CC2350 board, a Rasperry Pi which is newer than the first version and a bunch of (preferably) female-female cables. This does not work for Raspberry Pi 1 as it doesn’t have the required GPIOs.

From a software point of view, you would need to have WiringPi installed and have the according coordinator or repeater firmware ready. This will be explained in the later process.


First of all, hook up your CC2530 with your Raspberry Pi. Therefore connect the following PINs.

GND or G
RES or RST or R (reset)
P22 (DC)
P21 (DD)

Raspberry Pi
Pin 39 (GND)
Pin 35 (GPIO24, BCM19)
Pin 36 (GPIO27, BCM16)
Pin 38 (GPIO28, BCM20)

Flashing the CC2350

Make sure you have WiringPi installed. If not, follow these steps.

This should now contact the CC2350 board and return the chip id. If this return something like 0000 or ffff you have to go back and check the wiring! The result should be

Usually you will find an expected result of „a524“ on the internet. This is also a valid result, but for the USB stick type of hardware. In case you are having a CC2531, you will get „a524“ as a result. But then I would be impressed, as the wiring should be different.

Afterwards download the coordinator software and unzip it

Now erase the chip

This will give you something like
ID = a524.
erase result = 00a2.
as a result. The chip can now be programmed with the coordinator firmware using the following command

The expected result would be

This should give you a fully functional Z-Stack coordinator. This now needs to be hooked up to either your Raspberry or maybe even a ESP8266 to be used. Or connect it to a zigbee2mqtt server.


Jul 192016

Unitymedia, „Altverträge“ und das Gesetz

Unitymedia ist im Moment recht aussagefreudig, was die kommende Routerfreiheit angeht. Wirklich eine Wahl haben sie ja nicht. Aber Kunden noch mehr ärgern als sonst wollen sie wohl auch nicht. Allerdings ist eine Sache bemerkenswert. Scheinbar plant UM die Einhaltung nur für Kunden, die ab einem willkürlichen Datum einen Vertrag gewechselt haben.
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Okt 142015


Flugbuchung. Es gibt unendlich viele Seiten. Alle tun irgendwie das Gleiche, manche nerven mehr oder weniger… Wir sind bei momondo gelandet. An sich super; insbesondere, weil es um einen Gabelflug ging. Das kann leider nicht jeder. Wir sind dann bei eDreams gelandet, da hier der beste Preis geboten wurde. Die Seite wirkt von Verhalten und Angebot fast identisch zu Opodo. Ein Schelm wer böses denkt…


Einfach mal buchen….

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Sep 222015


About more than a year ago I got my brand new Samsung Galaxy S5 from my employer. We’re in the lucky situation, that we can choose the phone we want to use. Even though this is restricted to iPhone and Samsung. I really don’t like iOS at all for several good reasons which I don’t want to discuss here now (technically it’s not a discussion…) so I picked the Samsung S5. It was the most flagship phone of Samsung at the time being. I was happy.
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Nov 142014


You have moved your library or deleted it accidentally? You lost the „Already watched“ flag?


Just in case you have a keyboard attached: Go to the movie list and just press „w“ for „watched“. This will take a couple of seconds and then set it to watched.
Absolutely annoying. Even if you’re having the scraper set to „local nfo only“ this will probably hit you. You could set the corresponding flag in the advancedsettings.xml but this will only help when exporting/importing the settings. But it’s probably still going to mess everything up.

So just hit „w“ for all the movies you’ve watched and you’re fine.

Dez 292013


A friend got me into the whole home automation stuff when he told me he wants to control his heating from everywhere in the world. And he did. I used to have a similar system which allowed me to control the heating of the whole apartment from my living room. But this is going much further. He, and now me as well, is using FHEM. This interfaces multiple systems from a single UI. Quite neat.


The server itself is written in Perl. FHEM stand for „Freundliche Hausautomation und Energie Messung“ which means „Friendly Homeautomation and Engery Measurement“. There is also quite a large community supporting this project so I thought it is worth a try. By now I don’t have very many devices connected but there is definitely going to be more.

I myself have installed FHEM on an AVM FritzBox 7490 which is my router and turned on all the time anyways. Therefore it does not waste any extra energy.

Connecting the washing machine

My major problem is, that my washing machine is in the basement. This is 5 levels below. I hate going down to see that it is still running. This is the main point for introducing the FHEM server. As there is a huge distance from our apartment to the machine, I had to find a way to communicate. The easiest way was using power line. Using power line ethernet I could connect the washing machine to my home network. From there on it was easy to find out the state of the machine. I just had to find a way to measure the power consumption. Fortunately there is a „all in one“ adapter that can handle this. Just take a look at the AVM 546E adapter which can do both, measuring power (and current), switching the device as well as acting as a power line connector.

With this my machine was in my network. The next step was notifying us when the machine was ready. I know, this is an advanced topic in FHEM but I suggest reading the command reference first. After that you should know a lot about the capabilities of FHEM.


I know this does not really answer your questions. The next post will go in way more detail to show how this is accomplished. This is just rather an introduction.

Sep 072013


Who knows me know that I love Android.

This is going to be a short post. I hate the fact that Google is going to call the (at THIS moment) new OS K*tK*t. I will not write the whole name due to search eninge reasons which I don’t want to support.

Well, Google starts to annoy me. After turning off Latitude, this is the next step to make deals like this. Stick to what you were praising.


P.S. a 5.0 would have been nicer. BTW, what happens after Z?

Dez 192012

Maya Calendar

If you can read this, it may be already over. According to some people the world will end this Friday (21st of Dec 2012). If you’re still there and reading this afterwards, let me know by leaving a comment 😉

See you in 2013!


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