Dez 242011

First of all, I love Android. It’s open, most Applications are free and it’s easy to use. Also it has a wide range of models.

One of my favorite apps is „LBE Privacy Guard“. This app allows you to control „who can do what“. Currently version 2 is the most current one. You can deny access to you location, call logs, etc. For instance: Shazam requires you to agree sending your location. Why? I don’t understand the need for that. This way I just deny the access and it’s blocked. Shazam will just see some fake data and is happy. Also, I want to use the Facebook application but I really don’t want Facebook to see my address book. That’s what they do, they scan your address book. This way I can just block it and Facebook doesn’t see anything but is still happy.

Now there’s a new version available. There’s not too much that has changed. We still see the required root access, the service that needs to be started before the software works and also some rights are not managed (e.g. SD card access cannot be denied). But still, it looks much nicer now. The bad thing is, an update from 1.x to 2.x will require a complete new configuration. You also have to manually uninstall the 1.x verison.

The really new feature is the availability to seperate authorizations of wifi and mobile data. Also it keeps track of how much traffic each application uses.

But, hey, I love new applications so I had to get it 😉 Looks much nicer as well. Just give it a try! Also now you can exclude the application itself from being trusted and block its access.

LBE Privacy Extensions

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