Nov 192011

Firefox offers a great way of syncing all your bookmarks, forms, password and even your surfing history with other computers. This is great if you are used to storing your bookmarks at work or at home and use them vice versa.

The Mozilla organization offers a sync server which is free of charge. The downside is, that they hold all your information, maybe even passwords. Of course the way the data is saved, there should be no way of getting hold of your information. But still, the weird feeling remains. Mozilla Org offers to download and run the whole software on your own systems but it’s large and hard to maintain. Even harder to get it working. There is also a Weave Minimal Server which you can run on your own server and connect to it. It’s much simpler and there are plenty of instructions out there how to install and run it.

Unfortunately this requires some specific libraries that need to be compiled with PHP in order to get this server working. My old server didn’t have those which led me to search for alternatives. Yves Martin, a blogger from Switzerland, picked up the idea to modify the minimal server and get it working with a regular mySQL installation which probably most of the PHP based and hosted servers have. You can download it here.

I’ll keep a copy of his data here just in case it get’s lost or his blog gets discontinued. It would be a shame to lose it.

Thanks Yves!


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