Sep 222015


About more than a year ago I got my brand new Samsung Galaxy S5 from my employer. We’re in the lucky situation, that we can choose the phone we want to use. Even though this is restricted to iPhone and Samsung. I really don’t like iOS at all for several good reasons which I don’t want to discuss here now (technically it’s not a discussion…) so I picked the Samsung S5. It was the most flagship phone of Samsung at the time being. I was happy.


It didn’t take long until I discovered that there is a bunch of crapware installed on the phone. This is annoying in a couple of ways:

  • It causes unnessessary updates
  • Wastes RAM
  • Wastes flash space
  • Reads information that is shouldn’t be knowing
  • Introduces another weak brick in the thin wall of security
  • Wastes launcher space by having an icon

You can pick any sort order which suits you best. But my personal favorite for really HATING the crapware is the fact that people are up-voting the Samsung crapware in Google Play with stupid reasons like „you have no idea what this is doing! you dumb ass“ or „It’s free, why do you complain?“. I guess they don’t care about IT and security…

Why do they care what I think?

Well, these people don’t understand that it’s my phone and I want to be the only one to decide what to install. I don’t give a sh*t what they have installed on their phone or whether they’re paying for their candy crush and Farmville games. I’m happy for them if they cheer about a free app that only a minority of the owners really use. It’s free? Yes! So is about every browser toolbar from to Guess what? None of which is installed on my PC! Am I dumb becuase I don’t want any free software? If you think so… Did you install all the free toolbars and „PC optimization software“ and other bloatware which is available freely on the internet? Then you must be one of the smart asses on Google Play who think crapware like „Beep’nGo“ or „ANT+“ or whatever is a great accomplishment.

Guess what, it’s just bloaty crapware. Keep it if you like, defend it if you like, it doesn’t make you any smarter than the majority which doesn’t want to have forced installes and updates at all. And you know what? If there are 100 people giving one star ratings but YOU are the one with the 5 star rating, what does it tell you? You belong to the 1% group who is smart?

Now what?

Are you one of the „I think I am smart because I defend bloatware“ people on Google Play? Please let me know why you think that this is a good thing. Keep in mind: Any crapware can still be installed by users that didn’t forcefully receive the app. Why force the user? This is not a smart move. I’ll try to get a Nexus phone next time (which I am using as a personal device). That’s perfect. Stock Android and no hassels. Beats Samsung and iOS by far.

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