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You are using LeeDroid on your HTC Desire and Facebook stopped working. This affects the native app and also FriendStream by HTC. Within the native app you can still update the stream but cannot read any messages. If you delete your native user account and readd it, it will give you an exception like this

( org.bouncycastle.jce.exception.
ExtCertPathValidatorException: IssuerName(OU=Class 3 Public Primary Certification Authority, O="VeriSign, Inc.", CPS Ref. LIABILITY LTD.(c)97 VeriSign, OU=VeriSign International Server CA - Class 3, OU="VeriSign, Inc.", O=VeriSign Trust Network) of signing certificate. [])

Within HTC FriendStream it will give you a „service unavailable“ error.


The root certificates on your system are too old. You will need to update the certificates.


There are two ways. Either manually add the new certificates from the download on the article or run the update script from Clockwork recovery.

The root certificates are stored at \system\etc\security\ on your device. If you know what you’re doing and you have all the required authorizations (e.g. root access), just replace the files by the ones in the zip file attached to the post. The much easier way is:

  1. put the file into the root folder of your SD card
  2. Boot into recovery by turning the phone off and on again while holding Volume down
  3. Go down to recovery by using volume down/up (accept menu item by pressing power)
  4. You should now be in recovery
  5. Chose install zip and select your file
  6. In case this is giving you a signature error, please turn off signature checking
  7. Reboot your phone normally

You should now have a new set of certificates. Both, Facebook native app and FriendStream, should now operate normally.


Solution take from here:

  6 Responses to “Android LeeDroid and Facebook App or FriendStream not working”

  1. Seems like this problem is recurring, now one year later :S
    Does anybody know where to get updated root certificates for rooted HTC Desire? I am stuck…..

  2. Worked only after copying the files manually.

  3. […] Google fand mir eine Lösung: es müssen neue Zertifikate installiert werden. Danach geht's […]

  4. Great Boris, your solution IS the only one real solution to this problem!!!!
    Thank you very much.



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